Ensuring safe and efficient transportation of your healthcare products

Life Science & Healthcare

Titan Worldwide Life Science and Healthcare Logistics specializes in providing customized solutions. Our team is able to do everything from the coordination of the import of pharmaceuticals and managing medical equipment deliveries to managing the logistics of medical specimens. Our international network allows for the coordination of complex life science supply chain requirements and our national network of medical couriers, coupled with on-demand service and scheduled routes, ensures reliable laboratory collections every time. We understand the critical importance of every sample and every piece of medical equipment, and our focus on precision, care, and reliability supports the vital work of healthcare professionals and researchers. We help elevate standards in life science and healthcare logistics, delivering precision and reliability every time.

Life Science Logistics:

  • 1000’s of couriers nationwide
  • Dedicated Team and Account Management
  • Improved TAT (Turnaround Time)
  • Transparency and Consultation
  • Technology – Real Time Tracking, Scanning, Geofencing
  • Cost Savings

Medical Equipment:

  • White Glove Delivery
  • Reverse Logistics
  • First/Last Mile Delivery
  • Product Demo Logistics
  • Inventory Control Management

Pharmaceutical Logistics

  • A global logistics network
  • Expertise in biological, controlled, and ambient product delivery
  • Control tower knowledge – import/export, courier management, and shipping lane data analysis
  • Industry shipping and monitoring technology and actionable data
  • Import services and ability to navigate customs issues
  • Innovative technology and supporting services to manage the complete supply chain

Delivering Efficient Logistics

Experience the difference with Titan’s comprehensive logistics solutions. Whether you need air freight, ocean freight, or specialized services, our team is ready to streamline your supply chain and deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to boost your logistics experience!

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